Da Lupo- Boulder, Co


Wood-fired oven perfection

Bring on some more brick-oven/wood-oven (whatever cool oven) pizza! I guess I went the fancy route with my ZA this past month! When I was in Boulder, we checked out Da Lupo pizza. Actually, I picked it up and brought it back to my sister’s house since she was getting ready to move. The restaurant is located in a strip mall, but caters to all types of crowds, and prices are reasonable for this style of dining. The prep area was in plain sight of the diners, which adds to the feel of the restaurant, along with a meat slicer on display. This means all your toppings are freshly sliced as they prep the pizza.

Slice me up some prosciutto!

We had the house salad to start and split a margherita pizza. It held up quite well on the 10 minute drive back! There was a good helping of cheese across the pizza, and the marinara sauce lightly dusted the pie. The crust was gummier than other crusts and with that pinch of salt, it was really something. Overall, it was a great lunchtime treat, and I would dine at Da Lupo again for any kind of pizza craving!

Clever Box... I'm a fan
All in one piece for carryout!
Nice slice of margherita
Pretty char on the bottom
Tricolore salad... perfect size for a chinese takeout box 🙂

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