DiGiorno 200 Calorie Portions

Oh yes, I microwaved pizza. It is not my proudest moment, but I was hungry, sick of fast food, and wanted something easy. I picked up the DiGiorno Cheese & Tomato flatbread pizzas for under $3.00. The box had two portions, but I only ate one.

After some time in the microwave on those flimsy trays, the pizza was ‘ready.’ I ate it, and it filled the void in my stomach, but there was no love or affection for this pizza. I applaud DiGiorno for coming out with something easy & “healthy,” but it was in no way a game changing meal option for me.

The flatbread was slightly crunchy because of the browning tray, and the cheese and tomatoes were fine. However, let us be serious here, it’s a hot-pocket-esque ZA, and is not meant to be overanalyzed in any way. So there… I’ve admitted that I ate the pizza. J Hotel livin in the middle of nowhere ain’t always easy!

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