Joe’s Italian- Temple Texas

When in doubt, order pizza. We had a long week at the client site, so we called up Joe’s Italian restaurant and ordered some ZA for takeout. For $11.00, we had a super huge pizza and shared it among three people.

When we went to pick up the pizza, I took a quick view of the restaurant and was instantly glad we didn’t dine in. It was a tad weird and poorly lit space.

Luckily, the pizza was better quality than we thought! We asked for thin crust, but it wasn’t the crispy thin crust. Rather it was a tad thinner than a domino’s standard crust. There was plenty of sauce even though you can’t see it, and the cheese wasn’t bad! J I shouldn’t have ordered spinach for my part of the pizza… it was clumpy and not the best.

Pizza view from the top (1/2 olives, 1/2 spinach & onion)

Figure 1- Side shot- Notice the crust was cooked enough, but the spinach is wild & crazy

Overall, our experience was better than we thought! The pizza is good, and I can see myself ordering from there again. I don’t have any plans to dine-in anytime soon.

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