Giampietro’s-Breckenridge, CO

I must admit, the first time I visited Giampietro’s (over two years ago), I was extremely dehydrated and suffering from altitude sickness. It did not involve vomiting, but I was delirious and dizzy most of my first 60 hours in Colorado. Jon and I were excited to head over and try out some of the best pizza in the mountains. We arrived around 8:00pm and put our name down on the wait list. The 10-table restaurant was packed at the time, but we could see people clearing out. Just as Jon sipped his first drink at the bar nearby, they called our phone. We finished up and headed back to eat. We ordered a house salad and two slices of the NY-style pizza. I was eying the Sicilian-style ZA, but they only served it as a whole pizza, so that was out of the question. I loved the dressing on the house salad. It was light and fresh, and a great starter to our meal. The bread was warm and fluffy and addicting. I had to control my urge to eat all of it before our slices arrived.

The slices were well-cooked with a light dabbing of sauce. My pepperoni was bomb diggity, and Jon enjoyed his meatball topping. You can tell by the photos that this was one floppy pizza, but it hit the spot. We felt like failures because after the first slices, we were FULL! Although we planned to order more, we chose to resist temptation. I was happy we went here to try the pizza, and the prices were lovely and affordable. I can’t wait to stop by again the next time I’m in Breckenridge! They are famous for their calzones, so maybe that will make my list!

Figure 1- Small restaurant… and Jon


Figure 2- Really lovely salad


Figure 3-Diving in


Figure 4- A lovely couple next to us… he ordered the calzone. Check out the size on his plate!! INSANITY!

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