Nomad Pizza- Philadelphia

I made a pit stop in Philly for less than 24 hours and knew I had to get some Philly Cheesesteak. Right down the street from Pat’s cheesesteaks & Geno’s was a pizzeria called Nomad. The neighborhood was adorable, and the setup was quite inviting. Large open doors for outside seating, tables near a pizza oven, upstairs bar area, and a dining area with large movie screen.

I sat at the bar next to a husband and wife who are ‘regulars’. The menu was expansive enough that I could not make a decision. I wished I were dining with a group of people so I could sample the different pies. Therefore, I went back to the classic regina margherita pizza.

It was melt-in-your mouth lovely. The texture of the crust, the flavoring of the dough, the crisp edges. Bravo. I thought it was a nice gesture for the server to offer to cut my pie at the table. Each bite was better than the last, and I was able to wash it down with a lovely glass of wine.

I love the location of this place. The neighborhood was so welcoming and the outdoor seating really made me feel welcome. Highly recommended.

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