Pat’s Pizzeria- Lincoln Park

The last time I was in Chicago it was awesome and busy. My sister just moved into the city for the first time after a 5 year stint in Colorado. I was so happy and spent all weekend with her to get her apartment in tip-top shape. By Sunday, we were exhausted! On the way back from our last shopping trip, we hit up Pat’s pizzeria for super thin ZA near her apartment.

My girlfriends were so sweet a few years ago when they had a “moving out” party for my departure from chi. They ordered delivery from pats and we all loved it!

When I visited with Ariel, we were happy to walk into a casual family Italian restaurant. I loved the antipasto plate served with our pizza order. So unexpected and made us happy.

And, oh yeah, that super thin crust was perfection. Didn’t hold up as leftovers but we loved it right there. The sausage was great and pepperoni nice as well. I really like thin crust pizza and paper thin from Pat’s is even better.


  1. Wow. This is making me hungry, LOL! I’ve been to Pat’s but it was a long time ago! I think I’ll have to go again. Thanks for the reminder! I love your blog!!

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