Argus Brewery Frozen Pizza

Check out this new pizza on the market in Chicago grocery stores!

The pizza crust is made with the help of Argus Brewery, a Chicago brewer… 5 points for Chitown local. We love the eco-friendly aspect of using the malted barley & yeast from the Pegasus beer at Argus, along with other natural ingredients.

We tried two different pizzas (cheese & sausage)… and loved them both. The crust is different & unique, with nice crunch and flavor.

For the sausage, the pizza needed a little more cook time so it could be just right. The best part about frozen pizza is that you CAN cook for as long as you want to get the level of char YOU are looking for. My dad commented that the sausage is some of the best he’s had- DUH, Fontanini sausage is top notch… and the size of the sausage pieces were awesome.

Check out their website: for a list of all the pizzas they have for sale now.

(I think it’s definitely going to give Home Run Inn a run for its money… My dad agrees)

Check out that crust… the density and thickness is ideal

Cheese goes close to the edge, where the char is perfect. Visible spice in the cheese. Deep Red sauce

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