L&B Spumoni Gardens- Brooklyn, NY

Adventures through my 2016 NYC trip were highlighted by a visit to the institution L&B Spumoni Gardens. The rainy day didn’t stop us from visiting, and it wasn’t too busy that Friday afternoon 🙂 We had some sicilian square slices and thin pie slices as well. I didn’t love the sweet sauce, but loved the crunchy square. Glad I got to try it, along with some famous Spumoni, but it won’t be a place I rush back to… just not my top spot!

Photo May 13, 5 52 34 PM
Sicilian Pie fresh out of the oven!!
Photo May 13, 5 53 05 PM
Check out that steam rising from the pie! And slicing with a knife! Epic!
Photo May 13, 5 57 24 PM
Cheesey, saucey, sicilian 🙂
Photo May 13, 6 19 46 PM
Scott & some slices!
Photo May 13, 5 51 40 PM
Rainy entrance to the famous L&B


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