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*Current Residence: Bermuda. I’ll be blogging whenever I eat pizza, but it won’t always be from Chicago. Check my instagram account for the most current updates. *

I lived in and around Chicago, IL until end of 2011. My love for pizza started at a young age, and has now grown into an obsession and a hobby. I enjoy pizza of all kinds and am never hesitant to try new things, except mushrooms 🙂 . If you don’t find me at a pizzeria, I’ll still be talking about my latest craving or blogging about a place I recently visited. I work in Supply Chain Consulting and enjoy the opportunity to try new food in new places, especially when recommended by the locals. Feel free to follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/pizzaloverchicago. I love spending time in Boca with my parents and our dog, Jack,  living with my fiance in Bermuda, and my seeing my sister and friends in Chicago.

Life with a pizza obsession

The Past Growing up, my extended family used to get together at Barnaby’s pizza in Northbrook, IL. My high school friends all claimed that Lou Malnati’s was the best ever. My mom’s dinners were great, but not when I had a pizza craving. I would leave my last class in high school early to buy pizza at every after-school fundraiser. And my dad never had trouble saying yes to ordering an Il Forno’s Deerfield pizza at 10:00pm on a school night.

Study Abroad 2009 While studying abroad in Vienna, Austria, my pizza cravings persevered.

I found my Pizza Kasé at the local grocer, ate my way through Italy with my boyfriend in the form of pizza, and was definitely known as the pizza girl. In Europe, I expanded my horizons. I enjoyed bruschetta and capresé salads; both variations of pizza, so they fulfilled my cravings and are a bit healthier.

Then I spent four years as a traveling consultant, with no home except friends’ and families homes for the weekends. I had the opportunity to try food in many places… but I definitely got sick of dining out all the time.
Bermuda Now I live and work in Bermuda and am excited to work on crafting my pizza recipe and building a life with Jon here and my pizza-login son. I still make it a point to eat pizza in each city when I leave the island, and I will always have that passion 🙂

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