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Di Fara- Brooklyn

Pizza adventures with friends are the best, especially when one of is the ultimate pizza enthusiast. I was terrible at managing my appetite on our afternoon rainy pizza crawl, but we made sure to visit the famed Di Fara in Brooklyn to watch Dom DeMarco. True happiness, precision, and care. I was nearing food coma as I […]

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Totonno’s- Coney Island, NY

My whirlwind May NYC Visit (self-titled “Pizza & Musicals”) included an afternoon of pizza adventures with Scott Wiener and Anna Orchard!! As amazing tour guides/hosts on my adventure, we began in Coney Island. I arrived straight from the airport, armed with my large backpack and raincoat for the weekend, we headed to our first stop, Totonno’s. This unassuming spot […]

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Co.-New York City

I loved my visit to NYC and was so glad to see Michelle and Elissa! Good times. We ordered some fancy shmancy pies along with our wine and cheeses. Homemade delicious bread (Truccione Sare) kicked off our meal with a fresh ricotta spread. For Za we had the famous Popeye (pecorino, gruyere, mozz, spinach, black pepper, […]

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Crowne Plaza JFK- NY

It was a sad overnight layover on Halloween at the Crowne Plaza JFK airport. While watching a scary movie in our hotel room, we went wild and ordered pizza and sliders for delivery. The longest wait time for a less-than-satisfactory pie… but you eat what you get when you’re exhausted! At least the burnt cheese […]

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Rubirosa- New York City

Slowly ticking off all the favorite ZA in New York. I made a 1-day stop in NYC to volunteer at the famous “Slice Out Hunger” event run by my good friend Scott Wiener! I had some time to kill and some pizza to consume before the event (of consuming more pizza) began. By the suggestion of another […]